Garden Tips and Advice

With over 50 years of experience, Passiglia’s Nursery & Garden Center has plenty of expertise to share. Check back often for landscape ideas, gardening advice, inspiration, how-to’s and more from our experienced Nursery staff and Landscape Designers.

  • A man watering his garden with a yellow hose
    How Should I Water My Plants, Trees, Shrubs and Lawn?
    Many homeowners get confused about how much they should water their plants, trees, shrubs...
  • A planting bed edged in stone with mulch
    How to Apply Mulch
    Here’s a riddle for you. What one garden “tool”... helps plants retain water, provides...
  • Trees for planting at Passiglias
    Plant a New Tree In 6 Easy Steps
    Planting a tree is the perfect antidote to spring fever. We know winter isn’t over...
  • A bright pink blom treated with fertilizer
    How to Use Fertilizer the Right Way
    Help your trees and shrubs thrive and protect your investment by learning how to...